Thursday, January 26, 2012

Achieving success...

This morning I woke up and I turned on the news. Of course, with the GOP presidential primaries, I wasn't surprised to see Mitt Romney talking about his own "success" in the following clip:

 I believe it's important to understand that no one gets to where they are without the help of others. I encourage anyone who disagrees to look back to what they were told growing up. Were you told, "you can be anything you want to be, as long as you put your mind to it."?  If so, mentally and emotionally you were given just a little more help than someone who wasn't.  Were your parents educated?  If so, your "bounds of rationality" were expanded.  What became achievable to you was just a bit more than the "average" person.  The same is true with what society tells our youth.  If not, we wouldn't have what we think of as "good schools," and "Bad schools." Now I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that Mitt Romney wasn't born in Compton or Liberty City. (Areas some might classify as bad neighborhoods) He "worked hard" with the tools he was given and the family he had.  Is everyone afforded the same tools?  ...the same well-positioned family?  To Mitt Romney, the idea of success clearly involves large amounts of money... but to others, success might be quite different. I quote Garland Greene from the film ConAir
"What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn't you consider that to be insane"
I have to admit that he also makes an interesting point.  What he describes is the "success" that so many Americans work day after day to achieve.  What is your idea of true success?  Are you working your way toward it?  What can you do to get there?

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